Do you have a template so I can design my own card?

Yes. You can download the template pdf here.

How long does it take to get my cards?

Cards ship in approximately 3 weeks after proof approval. This varies on the time of year.

What type of material do you use?

We use only top quality 30 Mil overlaminated PVC, which is just like a credit card. Of course, we can use other materials depending on the application.

Are there any set-up or hidden fees?

The price we quote includes everything except ground shipping. We do not charge set-up fees.

What are some of the additional features you can do to the plastic cards?

Hole punch, slot punch, embossing, matte finish, silk screen, spots varnishes, encoding, barcoding, holograms, scratch offs and a few other techniques. If you’re looking for something special, let us know.

What does Hi-Co or Lo-Co mean?

It is a measure of the ability of a ferromagnetic material to withstand an external magnetic field without becoming demagnetized.  Usually gift cards use low coercivity because of minimal uses, and loyalty cards would use a high coercivity.

Will your cards work on my point-of-sale system?

This depends on your system. In theory, we can encode cards to work on any system, but some processors or software require purchasing directly through them. We can discuss if you’re unsure before getting started.